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Genshin Impact Tips, Is Kamisato Ayaka Worth It?


Kamisato Ayaka

Is it True That She is the Best DPS Character in Genshin Impact?

Kamisato Ayato's banner officially ended some time ago, now it's his younger sister's turn to appear in the game.

Kamisato Ayaka's banner came to replace her brother's gacha banner, with several 4-star characters accompanying her.

This is Ayaka's rerun banner, and as you already know this character has a lot of fans.

Besides his appearance, this character also gives a good performance in the game, so it's no wonder that many people are waiting for her rerun banner.

Then for those of you new players who just got to know Ayaka, you will definitely doubt, is this character good to take?

There are a lot of game content creators out there who talk about this character, on average they would say that Ayaka is a very strong DPS character, the most powerful in Genshin Impact.

Then is it true? is this character really that strong? Is it true that this character doesn't have any weaknesses?rather than confused let's discuss together.

The advantages of Kamisato Ayaka

Kamisato Ayaka

The main advantage of Ayaka is that the damage she produces is very stable even without the need to use her elemental burst.

By using Ayaka's elemental burst it can be even more terrifying, the damage is really big. The area of ​​her elemental burst is also quite wide, suitable for fighting many small and large enemies.

She has a cryo element, it makes it easier to build because the cryo element has a special buff to increase the crit rate.

Coupled with the crit rate buff from your Blizard Strayer artifact so you don't have to worry about Ayaka's crti rate stat anymore, you can focus on looking for crit damage.

She also doesn't need fancy weapons, the best 4 star weapon for her is Amenoma Kageuchi where you can craft these weapons.

Ayaka can also apply one of the deadliest strategies in this game, namely permafreeze, there have been tons of videos made by game creators that show how deadly Ayaka permafreeze can be.

Kamisato Ayaka Disadvantages

One big drawback of Ayaka is her elemental burst, this is of course very contrary to my statement at the beginning by mentioning that her elemental burst is one of the great advantages of Ayaka.

Ayaka's elemental burst is both an advantage and a disadvantage of Ayaka, even though it has large and stable damage, this elemental burst is very likely to miss.

Her Elemental Burst is similar to Diluc's where the direction of the attack is right in front of Ayaka,

Even though it sounds trivial but I'm sure there have been lots of players who have missed using his elemental burst.

The second drawback is the amount of energy that is quite a lot, so if you play carelessly then you will find it difficult to use her elemental burst.

Then is Kamisato Ayaka worth it to get?

Kamisato Ayaka

The answer is yes if you lack or don't have a good DPS character at all, Ayaka can be the best DPS character you have.

She is suitable for fighting in the Spiral Abyss as well as for just exploring in Tevyat, so if you lack or don't have a DPS character then it's mandatory to do gacha on the Ayaka banner.

But if you already have a lot of good DPS characters like Hutao et al, then I suggest not taking Ayaka. 

So I suggest saving your primogem so you can get good support characters in future banners like Yelan, Kazuha etc.

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