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Watch Spy x Family Episode 6: First Day in Eden College

Watch Spy x Family Episode 6: First Day in Eden College

It's Anya's first day at school!

Papa Loid is worried to death about his daughter's manner!

Will Anya survive her first day at this prestigious school?

Preview Anime Spy x Family Episode 5

Anya's celebration

The stressful school selection just passed and Anya successfully entered the prestigious Eden College.

With this, the first phase of operation Strix was done successfully.

As the main star of this mission, Anya was asking his father to play spy in a castle that appeared in her favorite spy movie, Bondman.

Loid was denied first, but with Franky's persuasion, Loid agreed to play with Anya in the castle.

With his connection, Loid was able to rent Newston castle and asked other agents to help him entertain his daughter.

We could see Loid's incredible stunt in this episode.

All agents could not hold Loid and in the end, only the thorn princess, Yor was on par with Loid.

Watch Spy x Family Episode 5

However, Yor is drunk and after sending a few kicks to her husband, she passed out.

Loid knocked out the last boss, Franky, and save Princess Anya!

Watch Spy x Family Episode 5

Loid is really cool in this episode, isn't it?

Spoiler Anime Spy x Family Episode 6: Operation Buddy-Buddy

Anya is going to school!

And this week's episode will be about Anya's first day at school at Eden Academy.

Anya is really excited to meet her new friends in Eden and she even studies how to make friends with her mother.

Will Anya get many friends in her new school?

And what is Yor's method able to make Anya has many new friends?

Let's see the preview below to get the answer!

Spy x Family Episode 6 Released Date

The newest episode of Spy x Family anime will be released every Sunday 01.00 JST.

For Indonesia, This famous anime will release on Saturday, at 10.00 P.M. simulcast, this means the anime in Indonesia will be released at the same time with Japanese released.

Where to watch Spy x Family Episode 6

There is a lot of channels that paid the original license to play this anime, so you guys will have a lot of options to watch this hit anime for free, such as Youtube or other OTT channels.

Fot those who wanted to watch on Youtube, you could go to Muse Asia Youtube Channel who owns the copyright license for Spy x Family.

This channel has different sub-channel so they own a lot of different subtitles that you can choose to your liking.

Some subtitle their own are in Thai, Indonesia, Tagalog, India, and many more.

However, the anime in Muse has a time limit and for Spy x Family, it only showed on Saturday from 10.00 P.M. until Sunday 01.00 A.M. 

But if you don't have time to watch the simulcast on Youtube, you can watch it on BStation at and Netflix!

Are you ready to follow Anya's journey?

Don't forget to follow for more information about Spy x Family and other hits anime and manga!

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