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Jujutsu Kaisen 187: Kinji Hakari's True Power


Kinji Hakari

Tokyo Jujutsu High School 3rd Year Student, Kinji Hakari

Japan's condition has been very pathetic since the Culling Game began, there have been many victims, whether it's ordinary citizens or those who are shamans.

It is very difficult to find a safe place when the Culling game starts, especially if you are in one of the Colonies, you could say the colony is the arena where the players from Culling game fight.

Players will get points every time they kill people, so it's no wonder that there are so many victims in this game.

And one of the players who had killed countless people and gotten over 100 points was Hajime Kashimo, this experienced shaman carried out the massacre in Tokyo Colony no.2.

Tokyo Colony no.2 is an important place because there are two people who play a big role in the story, namely Kashimo Hajime who has 100 points and also Angle whose ability can be used to free Gojo from his seal.

And for that Hakari and Panda were assigned to go to Tokyo Colony no. 2, Panda was in charge of negotiating with Angle, while for the battle affairs and Kashimo Hajime were handed over to Hakari.

However, when he entered the Colony, Panda was the first to meet Kashimo and ended in Panda's crushing defeat.

But before he could finish off Panda completely, Hakari came and immediately gave Kashimo fierce resistance.

Kinji Hakari vs Kashimo Hajime

In that fight Hakari managed to corner Kashimo, with the jackpot he had previously obtained Hakari became invincible.

Hakari gets infinite curse energy, he also can't be harmed due to the always active Reverse Cursed Tehcnique. For 4 minutes 11 seconds Hakari is impossible to kill.

At first glance the power is very great, but I don't think it's the true strength that Kinji Hakari has. I'm sure there's something else that makes him so great that he's been recognized by two special class shamans.

In chapter 187 this will most likely be discussed, if it is really discussed then Kashimo can be sure that he will accept his defeat.

That's just my prediction as a reader of this series, so let's wait together what Gege sensei prepares for us manga readers.

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