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Why Every Horror Lover Should Play Carrion Game



Carrion is a reverse horror game in which the player assumes the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. 

This creature will stalk and devour those who imprison him, causing fear and panic throughout the facility. On its quest for revenge, the monster will grow and thrive as it breaks down this prison and acquires even more deadly abilities.

While in other games the player usually plays a hero who hunts demons or monsters, Carrion is an excellent choice for fans of horror games, where you cause the terror and the horror itself.

Marked as one of the most underrated Xbox Game Pass games. Carrion tells of a unique organism that is kept in a containment unit at a research facility owned by Relith Science, a Seattle-based science company.

The creature escapes and walks through the facility in search of a way out. As the organism moves through the facility, it fights and devours staff and security forces.


Along the way, the creature finds pieces of its genetic code that scientists have erased to study and contain, allowing it to evolve to a larger size with more attack and movement options.

The creature also finds a material analyzer, which when activated, causes a flashback that reveals its origins. Initially, three scientists found the creature in an abandoned laboratory with biomass, and when it woke up, it killed two of the three scientists.

One scientist manages to capture him, but is quickly executed by Relith's security forces. The beast finally returned to its original captivity. From here he must try to escape by way of lasers, and absorb the last of the stolen genetics.

One of the pieces of genetics, allows him to transform into human form as the scientist originally infected. With so the creature in disguise then escapes from the facility to Seattle, which appears to be in quarantine.

Carrion is a great product for all horror fans. The bloody creepy tentacle monster that the player controls is absolutely terrifying to look at, and the graceful way it moves gives us a completely different experience.

Sounds from monsters and music do a good job of setting the mood for the horror, but the star of the show is the terrifying sound of monsters eating or killing humans.

Another good thing about the game is that in Carrion, players will unlock new abilities as the game progresses by finding pieces of creature biomass scattered across different areas.

Each part adds a new ability to the creature. The lowest form of his ability is to be able to shoot a net that makes the enemy unconscious, and disappears for a while. As for his next ability will be much stronger and terrible.

The environment, which is very similar to an underground military complex, makes Carrion's atmosphere even more sinister and very worth playing.

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