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Anime Review: Yuusha, Yamemasu, When the Hero Joins the Demon Army



Unique Story Concept Where Heroes Are No Longer On Human Side

Yo minna!

Ok this time I will discuss one anime that just finished a few days ago, yes the anime is Yuusha, Yamemasu.

This anime itself had become a hot conversation at the beginning of its presence, this could happen because the concept of the story presented by this anime was really anti-mainstream.

In general, heroes from fantasy anime will definitely protect humans from the demon king's ongoing invasion, but that's not the case in Yuusha's anime series, Yamemasu.

How? curious right? then without further ado, let's discuss it together.

Yuusha, Yamemasu Synopsis


Leo, a human hero who successfully defeated the demon king Echidna in a one-on-one battle.

Not only that, Leo also managed to destroy the entire demon army and its generals, this of course made the demon invasion fail.

However, the demon lord Echidna did not give up, she did not return to the demon world immediately and instead reformed her army to carry out her second invasion.

On the other hand, bad things happen to Leo the hero, not the sweet welcome and joy he gets but the insults and fear from the humans.

The humans he had protected that Leo might become the next demon lord because of his extraordinary power, in the end the king was forced to throw Leo out to obey his people.

Having nowhere to go, Leo finally headed for the demon king's castle and enlisted into the demon army that would soon carry out the second invasion.

Review Yuusha, Yamemasu

Yuusha, Yamemasu

Yuusha, Yamamasu, with a unique story concept this anime can instantly become the talk of many people.

Then is it true that only the concept is the main attraction of this anime series? Of course not, if you only rely on this concept, the popularity of this anime will only last until the 3rd episode.

Mystery, yes you are not wrong, another element that is the main attraction of this anime is the existence of a mystery element in the storyline.

Indeed, the concept of heroes joining the demon army is very interesting, but if you think about it more deeply, you will definitely feel something is odd.

This oddity stems from one thing, namely what is the reason for the hero to join the demon army? If you think that the hero has a grudge against humans and wants to destroy them, that's a big mistake.

The reason Leo joins the demon army is not because of that, but there are other bigger things and of course I will not discuss it further because it will spoil the fun of the story for those of you who haven't watched it.

The mystery of the main reason for Leo joining is very difficult to solve because Leo's background is still little told in the early episodes.

The story is told slowly so that you can understand deeply who Leo is, who he really is.

Ok, turning to the other side, besides the mystery element, there is one more thing that implicitly affects the storyline of this anime.

If you open My Animelist, then you can see that the genres of this anime are action, adventure, comedy, fantasy. But actually there is one more genre that can be included in this anime, the genre is slice of life.

In my opinion, this anime can be called a slice of life anime because it tells the daily life of Leo when he was in the demon army.

Every episode Leo has to face some conflicts and those conflicts will also be resolved in that episode as well.

The story that is delivered is also very light, because of its light nature and tends to tell about Leo's daily life, in the end I call this anime one of the slice of life anime.

The comedy element that is there is also not cringy in my opinion, it is just right to balance the existing storyline.

There is nothing special about the action scenes because in my opinion the action scenes are not what I want to highlight here.

Graphics are the same, nothing special, the quality isn't good but it's not bad either, it's average.

Overall, I highly recommend this anime for those of you who want to find a fantasy anime with a light storyline.

Even though the story is light, it won't bore you because the developments are very dynamic and in the middle of the storyline it starts to make it more interesting.

And for those of you who are confused about where to watch this anime, you can watch it on station for free and of course it's legal.

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