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Jujutsu Kaisen 192: Will Kamo Noritoshi Join the Fight?


Kamo Noritoshi

Can Kamo Noritoshi Help Maki in the Fight?

In chapter 191 we were shown that Kenjaku has managed everything and has even mastered several important parties in the world of Jujutsu.

In addition to controlling the Kamo Clan, Kenjaku also managed to control Japanese Jujutsu officials so that he could make Okkotsu Yuta the executioner of Yuji Itadori.

Noritoshi who had just returned to Kalan Kamo's residence was completely resigned to seeing Kenjaku's position of power, at that time he was really ready to be killed.

Unexpectedly, Kenjaku apparently did not intend to kill Noritoshi because he thought his existence would have no effect on the plan he was carrying out.

After that Noritoshi left and finally met Maki in the Sakurajima colony, and here they both faced a very mysterious cursed spirit.


The cursed spirit is Naoya who has resurrected, his strength is also similar, which is still relying on speed in fighting.

Since the first attack, Noritoshi is completely ignored by Naoya's cursed spirit, Naoya only targets Maki and continues to brutally attack her.

Despite knowing the fact that he is much weaker than Maki, will Noritoshi just stand by? will he only see Maki fighting against Naoya's cursed spirit?

In my opinion Noritoshi is not a weak person, for now it is true that he is far below Maki but that doesn't mean he will be a burden to Maki when in battle.

With his Piercing Blood curse technique I believe that Noritoshi can help Maki in fighting Naoya even if only a little.

Given that Naoya is only after Maki, it can be an advantage for Noritoshi because he can attack freely because he is not targeted by Naoya.

Seeing this doesn't mean their fight against Naoya will be easy, Naoya's appearance itself is still not long ago and his power is still not fully revealed.

So far only the speed of Naoya's cursed spirit has been shown, and his speed is also quite extraordinary. I'm sure that the power of Naoya's cursed spirit isn't just a matter of speed, there must be other things he hasn't shown yet.

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