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Tokyo Revengers: Characters Takemichi Failed to Save!

Tokyo Revengers: Characters Takemichi Failed to Save!

Takemichi's time travel has saved many lives throughout the story, however, there is some charas that Takemichi failed to save even after he did his best.

Takemichi Hanagaki is Tokyo Revengers' main protagonist and the one who has an extraordinary power to time traveling.

At the beginning of the story, Takemichi gains his time leaper power when he encounters his first near-death experience.

Tokyo Revengers: Characters Takemichi Failed to Save!

At that time, someone push him to the front of a running train, but he is not dying, he traveled back to his time as a senior high student.

He met his crush's younger brother, Naoto.

Takemichi told Naoto about his and his sister's fate in a few years, they will die in the middle of a gang battle.

After talking for a while, Takemichi shook hands with Naoto and he got back to his previous timeline.

Something he told on a whim made a huge impact on Naoto and he even manage to save Takemichi from the railway.

Knowing that a simple story he told in the past could change the future, Takemichi determined to use his ability to change the past and save Hinata.

Tokyo Revengers: Characters Takemichi Failed to Save!

Takemichi's power proved to be useful and he had already changed some unfortunate events that happened around Toman, the group that caused Hinata's death in the future. 

Takemichi's involvement was able to save some people's death and change their fates.

But sometimes Takemichi's efforts also end in vain and make other characters find their end.

Who are the characters that Takemichi failed to save?

Let's find out together!

Characters Takemichi Failed to Save!

1. Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji
Keisuke Baji

On top of the list is of course Keisuke Baji.

Toman First Division Captain and Mikey's best friend is the first character that Takemichi failed to save.

Based on the information Future Naoto had, Keisuke died in the bloody Halloween battle.

Based on the information, this battle is the turning point where Mikey killed for the first time and succumbed to the dark side.

This is where Toman rose as the deathly gang in the future.

The battle itself was a face-off between Valhalla led by Hanma and Kazutora (Toman's former member) and Toman led by Mikey.

Based on the future, Baji was killed by Kazutora and Mikey was on rampage and finish Kazutora.

Keisuke Baji
Keisuke Baji Death

Actually, this battle was set by Kisaki Tetta to eliminate Mikey trusted friend and made Mikey his.

But Takemichi's involvement made his plan fail and even though he did his best to warn Baji, The first division captain still died in the battle.

2. Emma Sano

Emma Sano

The second character that Takemichi failed to protect is Mikey's younger sister, Emma Sano.

This beautiful blonde girl was killed by Kisaki Tetta.

Kisaki hit Emma with a wooden block on her head to make Mikey lose his reason.

At that time, Emma was out with Takemichi alone and the cry-baby hero could not do much about it.

He brought Emma to the nearest hospital but the wound is too deep and she died not long after.

Tokyo Revengers: Characters Takemichi Failed to Save!

3. Ken Ryuguji (Draken)


Draken's death happened two years after Toman disbanded.

Takemichi back to the past in order to save Mikey.

Along with Draken, he joined Brahman to take part in the battle of the three deities.

At first, Takemichi got a vision of where Senju will die in this battle.

He told Draken about this and the group started to be cautious.

But a few days before the battle took place, Rokuhara Tandai did a sneak attack on Senju and Takemichi when these two were out playing.

They pulled out a gun and shoot Senju, Takemichi did his best to protect his leader and when he thought he will die, Draken come and took the bullet for them.

Draken's wound was too deep and he died on the spot.

Ken Ryuguji
Ken Ryuguji

4. Kakucho


The recent character that died in Tokyo Revengers series is Kakucho.

Kakucho is Takemichi childhood friend but these two were separated after Kakucho got a terrible accident when he was a kid.

Even though these two were best friend, Kakucho had never been in the same gang as Takemchi.

Kakucho's loyalty laid with Izana but sadly he died in the battle and left Kakucho.

Izana & Kakucho
Izana & Kakucho

Then Kakucho joined Rokuhara Tandai and lastly he joined Kantou Manji when Mikey took over Rokuhara Tandai.

Kakucho and Takemichi were enemy in the recent battle, but after he heard Sanzu's plan to eliminate all Toman and Kantou Manji members by running a train to them.

Kakucho joined force with Takemichi to stop Sanzu.

Kakucho withstand Sanzu's blade to protect Takemichi.

His wound is not that deep and he could be saved if treated immediately.

But he boards the train and helps Takemichi to defeat Sanzu.

His wound got worse and he died when stopping the train.

Kakucho's Death

Takemichi never wants these characters to die.

He always did his best to save everyone but sometimes his effort was gone in vain.

But so far, Takemichi succeed to turn everyone's future into a better one.

Will he be able to give a good future for Mikey too?

The truth will be revealed soon in Tokyo Revengers!

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