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Jujutsu Kaisen 194 Spoiler: The Beginning of Zen'in Maki's Awakening of True Power


Zen'in Maki

The Power That Can Surpass Toji

In chapter 193 the battle between Naoya's cursed spirit against Maki and Noritoshi continues, now Naoya has reached his perfect form as a cursed spirit.

At the beginning of the chapter, we were shown the condition of Noritoshi who was able to survive after receiving a crushing attack from Naoya, fortunately Noritoshi had time to make a blood shield to protect himself.

Seeing Naoya's speed which has doubled, both Maki and Noritoshi are now starting to be more alert and focused on the battle they are facing.

One small mistake could instantly cost them both lives. In this fight the person who really has to focus is Maki because she is Naoya's main target.

The fight continues, the cooperation between Maki and Noritoshi is getting better and more compact. Noritoshi managed to bind Naoya with one of his techniques and without waiting for Maki to immediately slash Naoya.

But the combination attack was in vain because Naoya could dodge it very easily, after dodging the attack Naoya went away and prepared his attack.

Here Maki warns Noritoshi to stay away, Maki intends to take the attack head-on. But the decision that Maki made was not the right decision, he immediately fell when he received Naoya's attack which reached MACH 3 speed.


 Seeing that Maki's condition was not too good, I thought of several scenarios that might happen, of the many scenarios I've imagined, it seems that the scenario where Maki gets back up to be stronger is the one I like the most.

As you already know, there are so many not manga or anime that use this plot, a plot where the character becomes strong after receiving a great attack.

In my opinion, Naoya's presence here can make Maki bring out her full potential. After her sister died, Maki's strength increased drastically, right? So by fighting a strong opponent like Naoya, it's not impossible that Maki can bring out all his strength.

After seeing Maki's appearance and strength in the last few chapters, I think Maki's full power will be able to surpass the legendary figure in this jujutsu world, namely Toji.

But again, this is just my prediction, not necessarily the truth. But if what I predict is correct, Maki's existence in this story will definitely change because of her power.

So let's just wait and see how the manga continues

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